Ślubna Pracownia – professional wedding planning

The profession of a wedding planner has become popular recently in response to the needs of contemporary young people. Working hard, often staying abroad, you do not always have the time to assume the organisational side of your wedding. That is where we, wedding planners, come in.

Organising a wedding, regardless of the size and the scale of the celebration, is always a difficult and stressful undertaking. A comprehensive package of wedding planning services provides you with a wealth of knowledge and help at every stage of the preparations. A wedding planner will recommend proven solutions and draw your attention to the details that will make the ceremony and the reception live up to your expectations. Thanks to working with a wedding planner you can gain valuable time, you can enjoy the experience stress-free and you can take advantage of offers of the best vendors.

What really matters is the fact that the couples make the decisions themselves by choosing the vendors among those recommended by the wedding planner, so they can fully participate in the joy of planning their own  celebration.

The wedding planner takes off the burden of making countless phone calls, travelling, visiting locations, checking details and eliminates the risk of dishonest or unreliable vendors. Drawing on their experience and expertise, wedding planners will suggest an optimal solution and adapt the scenario of the celebration in order to include all the ingredients necessary for the desired effect. Whether you have a year or a few weeks only to prepare the celebration, we will help organise this all important day for you. Together with the couple we will define the scope of responsibilities of the wedding planner. In some cases the couple only expect us to help choose the venue or recommend a few vendors, in some others they need somebody to coordinate their wedding day, but very often they are interested in full wedding planning and management

We cooperate with our clients in several areas depending on their needs and expectations:

Full planning of the wedding ceremony and reception

We help to plan and coordinate every aspect of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception from start to finish. The fact that we are the organisers of this special day does not mean that the couple will be deprived of the joy of creating the celebration. A wedding planner does not impose any solutions, he or she acts only as an advisor.

We show our clients a few possible solutions suited to their requirements and the previously agreed budget, but the final say always belongs to them.

Our responsibilities include:

  • providing essential information about the procedures and legal requirements related to getting married,
  • assisting in choosing the style of the wedding and informing of possible attractions for the wedding reception,
  • recommending vendors corresponding to the requirements described in the form and presenting their services to the couple,
  • recommending a venue (picturesque gardens, cosy manor houses, comfortable hotel halls, surprising industrial spaces, boho, vintage and many others),
  • preparing a task schedule,
  • supervising the task schedule to make sure that all the important tasks are completed,
  • assisting in creating the best menu for the client to meet the allocated budget and the couple’s expectations,
  • assisting in designing the table layout in the reception hall and preparing the seating chart,
  • negotiating prices with vendors and preparing contracts with vendors to protect the client’s interests,
  • supervising the preparation work of all the vendors selected and approved by the client,
  • preparing the scenario for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception,
  • communicating with all the vendors about current business,
  • providing the client with ongoing updates via email or telephone about the progress in completing tasks.

Wedding coordination

We coordinate the whole celebration, taking off your shoulders a whole lot of responsibility and stress. Your parents and witnesses are not overwhelmed with excessive duties. We supervise all the vendors’ work, both at the preparation stage and on the wedding day. A professional wedding planner looks after the guests and takes care of every detail that makes the reception a success. He or she is like a good fairy who solves every problem even before the couple may know about it. We will be there for you until the very end of the reception.

Our responsibilities include:

  • coordinating the preparations according to the schedule,
  • overseeing the preparations at the venue of the wedding ceremony,
  • overseeing the preparations at the venue of the wedding reception,
  • welcoming the guests,
  • showing the guests to their seats at the venue of the wedding ceremony and reception,
  • providing transportation and all possible assistance to the guests,
  • coordinating the vendors’ work during the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception,
  • current settlements with vendors,
  • detailed planning of the celebration,
  • preparing clear scenarios for all the participants,
  • monitoring the execution of the signed contracts,
  • supervising the work of the service providers on the wedding day,
  • solving all problems that may arise.

Wedding consultations

In this option you organise your wedding ceremony and reception on your own, but in order to avoid many burdensome and stressful situations, you take advantage of our consulting service.

  • we recommend selected service providers suited to your expectations,
  • we analyse offers made to you by other service providers,
  • we answer all your questions about organising the wedding day.

Venue search

We help to find your dream venue for the wedding reception. You retain the responsibility for planning all the other aspects of your wedding.

Our responsibilities include:

  • recommending venues that meet your requirements in terms of quality and budget,
  • arranging show rounds and meetings with managers of the venues,
  • preliminary presentation of the terms and conditions of cooperation.

Other services

  • organising outdoor weddings,
  • organising symbolic weddings.

We can also organise other events such as hen and stag nights, anniversaries, christenings, first communions and others.