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Before the wedding

Training/Power Sessions

Mental training is designed to balance and calm your Mind, “give” it courage and prepare it for the journey ahead.
The Power Session is a process of leading from the Mind to the Heart, to the fullness of life, in happiness, love and lightness… it is a path to self-discovery and full harmony in life.


A wedding is one of the biggest watershed moments in our lives. For a couple, it’s the beginning of their new shared journey – one which is beautiful, but often also difficult, because each of us comes from a different home and has been brought up with different values.

We are very different, but our commonalities are greater than differences, because, like everyone else, we desire love and acceptance that will help us spread our wings, both together and individually.

This is why it is worth using mental training techniques at the beginning of your new shared journey. They will help you see not only your potential as a couple, but also your individual predispositions and talents.

What is Mental Training?

Mental Training is a collection of techniques and tools with a holistic approach in which both Body, Mind and Soul are mutually filling connected vessels. It helps balance emotions, teaches concentration, calmness, life balance, as well as gives confidence and strengthens inner power.

What is the Power Session?

The Power Session is a process of guidance from the Mind to the Heart, using supportive tools on the path to self-awareness (including Recall Healing, Theta Healing) and other wonderful spiritual methods that lead to a life full of harmony, happiness, peace, health and love.
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Intuition and Dream Coach


Marzena Ramotowska

CEO | Mental Trainer




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