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Coordination of a wedding ceremony and reception

What does a wedding planner do on the day of the ceremony?

On the day of the wedding, a Wedding Planner becomes a good fairy godmother who watches over the ceremony and eases the tension, taking advantage of her years of experience that usually allow her to anticipate problems before they occur. For you, as well as your Witnesses and Parents, this day should be foremost about happiness and closeness. The Wedding Planner takes on all the responsibilities related to coordinating the ceremony so that you can enjoy your special day without any distractions.

Our duties:

we coordinate preparations at the venue where the wedding ceremony and reception are to be held
we welcome Guests and guide them to their sitting places
we take care of the Guests and respond to their needs
we supervise work of the Contractors on the basis of the contracts concluded
we settle with the Contractors
we solve all on-going issues

Providing assistance to anyone choosing to organise their wedding ceremony and reception on their own

Are you natural born organisers and would prefer to organise your own wedding ceremony and reception?

We are happy to share our experience with you, provide you with contact details of our proven Contractors, and answer all your questions related to organisation of a wedding ceremony and reception.
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Organisation of a wedding ceremony and reception

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