Ślubna Pracownia is a group of certified wedding planners operating under a common brand.

We have organised more than two hundred and fifty weddings. We strictly observe the Code of Ethics of the Polish Association of Wedding Planners.
We make every effort to keep all our clients and subcontractors satisfied with working with us.
Our passion and involvement guarantee that the events we plan will be unforgettable.
You can be assured that your memorable day will be tailor made by Ślubna Pracownia.

Konsultant Ślubny Marzena Ramotowska

Marzena Ramotowska

Owner of the Ślubna Pracownia franchise chain

Member of the Polish Association of Wedding Planners.
Holds a Master’s degree in marketing and management. Also completed studies in communication and media image creation.
Experienced marketer and event planner.
The author of an online course for wedding planners.
Loves dancing – especially hot Latino rhythms, zumba, salsation – and travelling to faraway destinations, where she always finds something unusual to bring back home. Passionate about interior design. Loves people and animals… and they love her, too.

Magdalena Krystek

Wedding Planner in Łódź region, Great Poland province and Lower Silesia

Member of the Polish Association of Wedding Planners. Graduated from the Medical University in Poznań. Completed post-graduate studies in management.
Has been passionate about weddings since a very early age, when she loved to watch video cassettes featuring family celebrations.
Incurable optimist, always cheerful, connects easily with other people and is liked by her clients.
Thanks to her organisational skills and a sense of style she turns the dreams of extraordinary events into reality.
Loves travelling to close and distant destinations and meeting new people, who often inspire her.
Dreams of going to the USA to experience the American dream personally.
Devotes her free time to family and friends.
Her motto – “There are no life failures, just life experiences.”

Konsultant ślubny w Łodzi i w Wielkopolsce
Konsultant ślubny w Małopolsce i na Mazowszu

Katarzyna Ludmiła Dziadosz

Wedding Planner in Lesser Poland and Lower Silesia

Passionate about the cinema and pop culture. She is an unthinkable combination of two natures: that of a perfect organiser and a creative soul.
Acquired her management and planning skills while working as an associate producer.
Invaluable in a crisis – she can find a way out in every difficult situation. She believes that nothing is impossible and that is why she tries to meet even the most astonishing expectations of her clients.

Paula Burska

Wedding Planner in Lesser Poland and Lower Silesia

She acquired the skills of work organization and management while studying psychology, and thanks to her communication skills and energy she can cope with even the most difficult challenge.
She is empathetic and loves people – to listen and to talk to them.
Every day she starts with a good coffee and a dose of an infectious smile. Her passion is horse riding, as well as delicious cuisine, without which a perfect party cannot succeed.

Magdalena Białek

Wedding Planner in Mazovia province and Warmia and Masuria

A social psychology graduate.

Many years of professional experience have taught her the ability to cooperate and react quickly for complicated situations.
She pays attention to the smallest details, so every wedding will be perfectly prepared.
In communication with the clients she focuses on relationship and honesty.
As she says about herself – she likes to listen, not just hear.
She loves to have positive people around her, visit new places and try unique flavors.