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About us

Put your trust in the experience of our Wedding Planners!

We’ve organised more than 300 wedding ceremonies and receptions, but we’ve never allowed ourselves to get stuck in a rut. On the contrary!

Ślubna Pracownia

We are inspired by global trends

From the very beginning of Ślubna Pracownia’s operations, we have been inspired by global trends, combining them with individual desires of future brides and grooms, making sure that their special days are truly theirs, from the beginning to the end.

We will make your dreams of a special wedding day come true. At the same time, we’ll take over the responsibility for all difficulties and challenges related to the organisation of your wedding ceremony and reception.

“It is the possibility of making dreams come true that makes life so fascinating” – this is what we repeat every time our clients’ dreams become reality. If we can classify fulfilling your beautiful wishes as a professional duty, than this is exactly how we define our job.

We meticulously prepare and coordinate wedding ceremonies and receptions, down to the smallest details, creating stunning settings that will be remembered forever by all – the bride, the groom, and their guests.

Our team consists of a group of certified wedding planners operating under the Ślubna Pracownia brand name in most regions of Poland. We all share rich experience, maintain the highest standards of service, and comply with the Code of Ethics of the Polish Association of Wedding Planners.

Ślubna Pracownia

Magdalena Krystek

Dream Fulfilment Project Manager | Wedding Planner

She is a Member of the Polish Wedding Planner Association.
She graduated from the Medical University of Poznań, and completed post-graduate studies in management.
She doesn’t take herself and what she does too seriously. She is an optimist who inspires others with positive thinking and smiles. For her, the sun is always shining, the birds are always chirping, and all wine is always sweet. Why? Because she knows that by changing our way of thinking, we can change our reality.

She loves travelling and hiking. She loves visiting areas which most people would classify as places where there is “nothing to see” and discovering their attractions on her own, without any recommendations from guides. She loves the south of Europe. She is not particularly fond of the grey hues of our beautiful country, which is why she loves taking trips to the colourful, sometimes motley south.

Whenever she has any free time, she runs and reads books. 90% of her home library consists of publications about travelling, mountains and… the Mediterranean cuisine. As befits a real fan of the south, she enjoys her meals full of fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables, and fish, and… accompanied by wine.

In her life, she follows the words of James Rogers who said that “over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.”

Marzena Ramotowska

Brand owner | Mental Trainer

a certified Mental Trainer educated at the Jakub B. Bączek Mental Trainer Academy,
a Mental Trainer at Jakub B. Bączek’s MentalPower,
a Certified Coach educated at Kamila Rowińska’s Coaching Academy,
a Member of the Lady Business Club,

Marzena has graduated from Management and Marketing studies, and holds a degree in Communication and Media Image Creation.

Her main talents classify her as the STAR and CREATOR, her archetype is the MAGICIAN, which means that she’s perfectly capable of using her magic to create the most enchanting events and projects, by taking everything holistically.

Her greatest passions include travelling, horse riding, and personal development. She enjoys visiting the most remote corners of the world, and spending free time galloping on Jamiroquai, a Westphalian warmblooded horse, fulfilling her childhood dreams.

Her many global travels make her feel connected with humanity all around the world. She believes that we are all the same, without any exceptions. We all want to be loved, respected, and simply happy!

Family, love, and keeping other people close are the most important values in her life. She is a perfect proof that it is possible to maintain balance between private and professional life. To achieve this state of equilibrium, she uses mental training, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and the daily practice of gratitude and affirmation. When applied together, they have incredible power….

She is one of the figures described in “The Lioness of Business” and “Letters from the Heart. From Women for Women” books edited by Ilona Adamska.

In 2020, she received the “Lioness of Business 2019” award. She was also nominated in the Businesswoman of 2019 competition organised by the Success Written in Lipstick organisation.

She believes that “if you can dream it, you can do it” and that everything we need to achieve success is already within us. She believes that #PowerLiesWithinMe.


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